Al Fatiha Institute
Assalam u Alaikum

Dear Al Fatiha Community

Alhamdulillah, as Al Fatiha Institute continues to grow and serve the community at large, its needs in regards to a more sustainable & larger space is required to further operations.

Having said that, we have looked into a property in Roselle Illinois on Pratt Boulevard, for which we have raised funds and put an offer to acquire.

Unfortunately we were unable to secure that space due to a overwhelming counter offer made by another religious organization, as we wanted to stay within a reasonable and sustainable budget and manage the public funds responsibly as it is a trust (Amanah).

Nonetheless we are continuing our search for a religiously zoned area of worship to further our day to day operations, and establish a house of worship (masjid). InshaAllah.

Subsequently we are continuing to raise funds for operations in our current rental facility, and for our future purchase property.

Kindly keep this project in your prayers (Duaas) and continue to donate to build a House of Allah.

For any further questions or inquiries in reference to this project, please contact Shaikh Yaseen directly at: 260-255-8131

Al Fatiha Team