Memorize the Holy Qur'an

Full-time and Part-time Hifz program

Hifz Program Taught By
Experienced Scholars Of Deen

Full Time Hifz

Al Fatiha Institute is offering a full-time on-site or online (optional) Hifz program, paying special attention to articulation (Tajweed) and building on their ability to memorize in a systematic and progressive fashion & very importantly, character building & instilling the love for the Deen (religion) within each child, by infusing the correct motivation and discipline(‏تربية), hence forth producing outstanding and goal oriented leaders.

Registration fee $100

  • Mon – Fri (8:30 AM to 3:30 PM)
  • Full-time Hifz = $325/ month
  • With academics = $425/ month

Mon-Thur (online & on-site)

School Opens 8:15AM
Check-in 8:208:30AM (not before or after)
Daily Dua Recitals 8:30AM
Class Begins 8:45AM
Break 10:3010:45AM
Class Resumes 10:45AM12:30PM

Lunch 12:30—1PM
Zuhr 1PM (subject to change)

Islamic Studies Assembly 1:20—2PM
Class Resumes for Hifz & Academics 2—4:30PM
Dismissal 3:30—3:40PM


Al Fatiha Institute is offering a part-time Islamic studies and Hifz program. Our program pays special attention to Tarbiyah (character building) & articulation (Tajweed). Our goal is to instill the love of Deen (Islam) within each & every child while permeating them with love, care & motivation.

$100 registration fee (one-time)

  • Beginners
    Qa’idah = $125/ month
    Learn Arabic letters and words
  • Intermediate
    Na’zirah = $175/ month
    Quran Reading w/ Taj’weed and articulation
  • Advanced
    Tah’feez = $200/month Memorization of Qur’an from beginning to end w/ Taj’weed

Part Time Schedule Mon-Thur 3:30​—6PM

After School Quran for Kids

Can’t get your children sit in front of a screen the whole time? Well have them attend a program where in they will be taken from a beginners level (Arabic alphabets) to being able to read the Quran all whilst learning & LOVING the Deen in person & on-site while maintaining strict COVID-19 social distancing protocols and procedures between 4 and 6 PM for the ages of between 4-8. 

Part Time Schedule Mon-Thur 3:30​—6PM


Alhamdulillah after long hours of toiling and contemplating over whether or not this will be a safe and beneficial endeavor, we decided to re-open the doors, but at this preliminary point only for the boys inshaAllah, also due to the “social distancing act”, we are not able to accommodate too many students due to constricted space. 

We have longed for the physical attendance over the virtual option, since students are encouraged & motivated by watching their classmates put up the effort & hence result in the progress of Quran Memorization inshaAllah, and more importantly the teacher has a good eye on the students behavior, discipline & moral progress.  

Some precautions and safety measures that are being taken:

  • Consenting to a COVID-19 test when requested to
  • If and when the parents or the family decides to attend a crowd (although we highly discourage this for reasons that are known to all of us) of any sort, outside of school, they are to report that visit to the school prior to the next morning
  • Taking the temperature at the door
  • Sanitizing hands at entry and often washing hands during the day
  • Having (mandatory) masks on at leisure/ break times including at check-in & dismissal
  • Social (6 feet) distancing between the students such that (1) they’re not facing each other & (2) are seated 6 feet from each other, will be practiced
  • Using UVC light over night to kill viruses
  • Students will use only their personal rugs (prayer mats) and such without sharing anything including & especially food
  • The microwave will no longer be accessible
  • Only a cold lunch and snacks are allowed
  • One person at a time will have access to the restroom
  • Spraying the school every night with sanitizing solution
  • A waiver form will be sent to you prior to their start to sign and send back 
  • The use of a COVID Air Purifier to circulate the air every 10 minutes (It is recommended to circulate air every 15 minutes at most to lower the concentration of viruses in the air)

Whoever recites the Qur’an by heart, seeks strength from it by observing its permissibility and prohibitions, Allah will grant him entry into Jannah (Paradise) and accept his intercession on behalf of ten family members upon whom the Jahannum (Hell fire) had become incumbent.

Sunan Tirmidhi