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All programs are opening up on site
Summer programs starting May 24th

The institute and all programs are under the supervision and tutelage of Hazrat Moulana Aziz Ahmed (D.B.)


Full Time Hifz

Al-Fatiha Institute is offering a full-time, onsite or online (optional), Hifz Program paying special attention to articulation..


Part Time Hifz

Al-Fatiha Institute is offering a part-time, onsite or online (optional) 1-on-1 Nazara & Hifz Program..

Weekend Programs

A Course which will teach you every aspect of Salat from Takbeer to Tasleem. This course includes..

Quran Memorization

A program that will help your child graduate as a Hafiz & easily merge into their respective academic grades..


14 + 11 =

Approved Courses For New Students

We have longed for the physical attendance over the virtual option, since students are encouraged & motivated by watching their classmates put up the effort & hence result in the progress of Quran Memorization inshaAllah, and more importantly the teacher has a good eye on the students behavior, discipline & moral progress.


Best Teachers Available


Learning Satisfaction Guaranteed


Nice and Healthy Environment

Our Courses

Quran Memorization

Alhamdulillah after long hours of toiling and contemplating over whether or not this will be a safe and beneficial endeavor

Weekend Islamic Sciences

​Saturday classes (beginner) Sunday classes (advanced)*all weekend classes can be taken separately.

Academia Track

Taught by trained & experienced professionals in a safe & Islamic environment.

Tajweed (Ladies)

Learn how to properly read the Qur’an with tajweed rules. Improve your Qur’an recitation with Alima Hafiza Ruqqayah A. Ahmed.

Tahfeez/Tajweed/Tafseer 3 in 1

Catered to adults who would like to rekindle their passion to learn, memorize and implement the Qur’an in a non-pressurized environment.



Alhamdulillah after long hours of toiling and contemplating over whether or not this will be a safe and beneficial endeavor, we decided to re-open the doors, but at this preliminary point only for the boys inshaAllah, also due to the “social distancing act”, we are not able to accommodate too many students due to constricted space.

Our mission and vision

Al Fatiha is offering programs & courses, that are molded to secure the understanding of the Quran & Sunnah with a blend of contemporary, traditional values & trends by offering three elements of success:


Transfer of Knowledge (‏تعليم)


Reforming character (‏تربية)


Mentorship (‏‏(صحبة

Alhamdulillah, as Al Fatiha Institute continues to grow and serve the community at large, its needs in regards to a more sustainable & larger space is required to further operations.

Al Fatiha Institute Is Offering the following:


We often update our schedule and on our website.
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